Sunday Mornings

9:00am- Only Children's Church is available
10:30am- All GraceKIDS Services are available.

Nursery | Birth - Age 3

We seek to provide a safe and fun environment to introduce our infants and toddlers to Christ. We want all our kids to grow up knowing they are loved and cared for by not only their Parents/Guardians, but their Grace Family as well.

Jesus and Me (JAM) | Pre-Kindergarten

Our JAM Ministry seeks to teach our 4–5-year-olds relationship and social skills with each other, and with their teachers. We do this to create an environment where they feel comfortable and are excited to learn about Christ!

Children's Church | Kindergarten - 6th Grade

In Children’s Church K – 6th Graders will not only learn Bible Stories but learn about who God is and how they can use what they learn about God in their lives outside of Church. We have teachers that rotate monthly, who seek to provide an environment that is engaging for all students within our large age range.

The last Sunday of each month is our Family Sunday and we will not have Children’s Church on those days. Nursery and JAM will still be available on Family Sundays. The next Family Sunday is November 28th, 2021.

Wednesday Nights

Weekly at 6:30pm.
Parents must escort their GraceKIDS inside and check them in.

GraceKIDS | Pre-Kindergarten - 4th Grade

GraceKIDS Wednesdays seeks to help kids know who Jesus is and how to have a relationship with him. Our leaders want our GraceKIDS to know Jesus and His Word, grow to be like him, and show his love to others. GraceKIDS Leaders on Wednesdays also partner with parents to help lead their kids in a HEART for God! Heartfelt relations between parents and kids. Engaging teaching with God’s Word as the foundation. Authentic worship in word and deed. Real service and application of God’s Word. Telling the Good News and learning to share our faith!


CORE56 provides a deeper level of understanding for our 5th – 6th Graders to dig into the Word and seek to know why they believe in God. We also hope to empower our CORE56 Students to serve their Grace Community, no matter their age!

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