Sermon Notes | Becoming Grace (pt 2)

Becoming Grace (part 2)
Text: Acts 16:6-15

Grace Baptist Church Vision Statement: “We are ordinary people being changed by Christ to change the world.”

Growth is ultimately about becoming.

As a church, who are we becoming? Remember: we’re highlighting what God is doing so that we can get involved. This is going to be the very strategic heartbeat of our church – our core convictions of what God is calling Grace to be.

Seven Confessions to Guide Our Ministry  

A lot of the information here is taken from the book “Future Church: Seven Laws of Real Church Growth” by Will Mancini and Corey Hartman.

We covered the first three last time:

Confession 1| We Will Be a Culture of Mission – v 42.

Confession 2| We Will Rely on the Gospel’s Power – v 43

Confession 3| We Will Define Success by Our Unity – v 44-47

4| We Will Make a Difference Where We Are

Conviction: real church growth is contextualized, not copied.

God strategically places us where AND when we are for “such a time as this.”

Your ministry context is: where you are, when you are, with what you have – trusting that God will supply what you need.

5| We Will Develop Disciples

Conviction: real church growth is about growing people, not managing programs.

This is the church’s primary job – Matt. 28:18-20.

A disciple is a student studying to think and act like his teacher, fully trained in how to carry on the work of the teacher.

Most of the time, we get the think but not the act. Disciples think and act like their Lord.

· Teaching: learning to know

· Training: learning to do – and pass on.

This is why we must develop disciples. How?

· Doctrine: the teachings of Christ.

· Skill: enhancing the gift / talent. You can’t learn everything in a classroom.

· Disciple-making: passing on the gospel effect to others.

6| We Will Equip Leaders

Conviction: : real church growth is led by calling, not celebrity.

Leader: a disciple who takes responsibility to make a difference where they see the need.

We will equip leaders with:

· A Team: remember, no celebrities. Leaders take responsibility to disciple and lead their team into ministry.

· Resources: what’s needed to make the ministry effective.

· Opportunities: to recognize and expand.

Leaders should see themselves as the pastor of the team entrusted to them to reach the goal entrusted to the team.

7| We Will Believe God for Greater Things

Conviction: real church growth is energized by shared vision not shared preference.

Vision is the creative capacity to see a better future b/c of the gospel. That vision should influence the way we live, give, and show up.

Paul wanted to reach a few familiar regions. God wanted to give him a continent to win!


· What’s my aim? What’s the relationship between your calling and the church’s impact? How does the church need me?

· What’s it going to take for me to get there? Development as a disciple? Equipping as a leader? Help from others?

· Ask of God: pray! Have the faith / audacity to believe that God will do what He says He’ll do. Dream for it. Pray for it. Don’t be content with “church as usual.”

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