SALT Student Trip 2024


Where: Creation Museum & Ark Encounter
(near Cincinnati, OH)

When: Wednesday, July 10th – Saturday, July 13th

Who: 6th – 12th Graders
(23-24 school year – grade just completed)

Cost: $110/student

  • Cash/Check – must go to Pastor Tyler Brush directly.
  • Online Payments include a $3.00 service charge

Fundraising Opportunities

  • Students can earn $25 per service day. Limit 4 service days per student.
  • Students can serve at Joy Closet, The Hope Market, or Mission Southside. More opportunities are TBD.
  • Students must have their service day verified by the adult supervisor of that service day.

Parent Meeting

If you have any questions about the trip, or want to get connected to fundraising opportunities, contact Pastor Tyler.

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